Helpful Hints Series: "Vegetarian Diner Party Etiquette for Monsters"


Installment Number 46 in the Helpful Hints and Essential Advice series will guide you and your friendly local monsters in the treacherous world of vegetarian dinner party etiquette. Essential topics covered include what to do about earwax at the table, how to use a napkin, sporks, and more!

Please note that I made up absolutely everything in this book! The Helpful Hints and Essential Advice series is intended to take the format of small, cheap and cheerful advice books of days past, (before the internet took over) and poke fun at modern life. New installments will appear here as I get around to it!

These books are just shy of 5" tall by 4" wide, 16 pages long and paperbound in a sturdy cover printed on my press. The inside pages are digital laser prints of my original gouache illustrations. I bound each book by hand on my century-old stapler - which is actually powered by a foot pedal - so are they still bound by hand? I dunno. Maybe I'll have to write a book about that, too.

If you have any questions about the book, please contact me! Thanks for looking!

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