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Midge and Beetle is my own original work, printed and bound by hand. The cover and title page have been printed from hand set metal type. The text of the story has been printed from polymer plates. Four original woodcuts illustrate the text in color. The interior pages have been printed on acid free cotton paper, bound with my century-old wire stitcher/stapler, and then glued into a sturdy cover.


Midge and Beetle is currently available - please contact me for details.

MIDGE is a girl who lives by herself in a very nasty patch of woods. All she thinks she wants is to be left ALONE.

BEETLE is the eighth of seventeen children. All he thinks he wants is to find a sleeping princess of his own.

What will happen when they meet? Midge and Beetle is their story — a fairy tale fraught with danger: scratchy plants, mocking squirrels and lots of mud — a fairy tale in which (*gasp*) THE PRINCE DOES THE LAUNDRY!

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