My design education began in 1996 at the North Carolina State University College of Design. There I learned, among other things, that there are many solutions to any design problem and it takes real persistence to uncover the best one. In 2001 I completed my Bachelor of Architecture degree.

After an internship in the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, I moved north to Baltimore, satisfying a lifelong itch to live in a city with no space between houses. I found employment at an architecture firm and from 2002 to 2007 I worked on many types of projects. In 2007 I obtained architectural licensure from my native state of North Carolina.

However, also in 2007, I was overtaken both by wanderlust and by a growing realization that I was happiest when my work involved pencil and paintbrush. My wife and I took a leap across the Atlantic, and I enrolled in the postgraduate illustration program at University College Falmouth, in Cornwall, England. The course there emphasizes authorial practice - in a nutshell, taking responsibility for your own career - and I spent a year learning to generate projects from Cornwall's rich historic industrial landscape. I also saw a lot of rabbits! In 2009 we returned to Baltimore, and in 2012 we jumped at the opportunity to purchase a unique concrete house from 1905. Over the 2013-2014 academic year, I had the opportunity to serve as part of the faculty for the MFA in Illustration Practice program at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

About Me